My Third Life : Today I Choose Joy

My Third Life : Today I Choose Joy

Sometimes the path to happiness has a few bumps along the way, but I think that’s what makes it all the more special. Actually, it kinda feels like I’m living out my third life. I know it sounds a little Shirley Maclaine, but stay with me.

Simply put – my life growing up, my life when I was previously married & had my son, and my life now. This post is obviously not about hunting or the outdoors – but if you want to know why I’m stupid happy, you might want to keep reading.

My 1st Life : Happy Beginnings

My younger brother & I had a great childhood, one where we never questioned our parents love or commitment to us & our futures. I played three instruments, was encouraged to pursue whatever I wanted, and learned the importance of giving a sincere apology & valuing relationships more than winning an argument.

Mom taught me to read & cook. She made homemade popsicles in the summer, from-scratch birthday cakes every year, and almost all of our Halloween costumes.

Dad took me to basketball games and taught me to ride my bike. Dad built our playhouse – one the size of a storage shed, with a loft, windows, and a locking front door. That thing was STURDY & the last time I was in Lubbock, it was still standing. LOL.

I remember lots of happy times being spent on church pews – singing a capella next to either my parents or paternal grandparents, and riding the “Joy Bus” with my Dad to pick up kids for church.  Family trips to visit the maternal grandparents who had an orchard & garden were fun. We’d pick fresh fruit & make cobblers together. Great foundation for a happy life.

My 2nd Life : A Bumpy Road

Like many teens, I rebelled & sometimes made choices that were neither smart nor godly – like not going to class & losing my music scholarship, underage drinking, and marrying someone who God did not will for my life. Of course, God can still bless you through a marriage that was never meant to be – I have a wonderful son.

Moments with my son are the highlights of that era – like seeing lightning bugs flashing in the dark.

I am extremely happy to report that by the grace & mercy of God, we have all moved on & are not just living but thriving. I can say I have forgiven him, and the bitterness is gone.

God rescued me in every way – helped me get my Nursing degree, saved me spiritually, helped me regain my health, confidence & independence, and had Sparky say, “Hello” at just the right time. I often wish I met Sparky sooner, but God knows what He’s doing.

My 3rd Life : Happily Ever After

Fast forward to today – Today I Choose Joy. I am days away from getting married to my best friend, a man who is the male version of me in just about every way, and the beauty for my ashes. God has more than blessed me with this ‘third life’ I’m living now. I have finally found my Happily Ever After. & Sparky get engaged


Our lives will be what we make of them. I find incredible joy in what some of you would think are the most mundane or ridiculous things. I LOVE random holidays such as National Taco Day, finding crazy roadside attractions like a 9 foot rooster, and singing with my honey as he plays his guitar. Babe & Sparky with 9 foot Rooster in Shreveport, LA

Obviously I adore time in the woods with my Sparky, seeing how I do blog about our adventures. 🙂

By the time we marry, it’ll almost be three years since our first “Hello,” yet he has never said a mean word to me, insulted me, or intentionally hurt my feelings. Sparky is always trying to make my life better – thinking of ways to protect me, make me happy, and bless me.

This man makes me cry happy tears frequently. He surprises me with thoughtful things or adventures that I would love (like Rascal Flatts tickets) all because he loves me. & Sparky at Rascal Flatts Concert

Honestly, that’s probably why God brought us together, because I know how blessed I am to have him. We both appreciate each other & bless each other without keeping score. Life is so GOOD!

My Wish

Okay, so our close friends know I’m a super Rascal Flatts fan – and yes, I LOVE this song. There is a sign with the chorus of this song hanging up in my house. It is the song of my heart. I cry every single time I sing it, because I think about how I wish & pray for a wonderful life for my son, and I’m so grateful for the life I have now.

My Wish for all of you, my outdoor loving buddies, is to look for the good in life. You don’t need tons of money to make special moments with your loved ones. Make a themed dinner, roast marshmallows over a candle, go search for your own 9 foot animal. Forgive & forget. Pray BIG prayers. Choose Joy.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C. S. Lewis

After we say, “I Do” & celebrate with our family & friends, we will share some wedding pics with y’all. I’ll be sure to share our vendors info & where I found any cute items we snatched up for our big day. We also plan on having a few outdoor adventures on our Honeymoon, so lots of good posts are coming soon.

If your life is not what you’d dreamt of, get out there & make it happen!


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