Hunting & Cooking Wild Hog

Hunting & Cooking Wild Hog

If you’re having a problem getting enough bacon or pulled pork, you should really listen up! I’ve got a FUN solution for you – Wild Hog hunting! There are tons of ’em and there isn’t a dedicated season for them, unlike their other woodsy pals, the turkey & deer.

You see, wild hogs are prolific and destructive. They breed year round and they can have 2 litters per year with up to 12 little piglets each time. Now is the time one of those crazy middle school math problems might come to mind. If a sow has 12 piglets every 6 months, and each of those have 12 piglets, just how much BACON will you have in 1 year? Mmm. I LOVE BACON.

So now that I’ve reassured you that we are helping with population control & your dinner, let me help you get started with Hunting & Cooking Wild Hog!

Getting Ready to Hunt Wild Hogs…

Clothing & Camo for hunting is really by personal preference, and Sparky doesn’t have a preference for Wild Hog Hunts. Babe has some Realtree XTRA, Mossy Oak, and She brand clothing. Sparky does have a strong preference for Leupold brand equipment. The Wild Hog Hunting Essential Gear List below should start you off right. Wild Hog Essential Gear List

You’ve got your gear…now get out there before sunset and get yourself a hog! Got your hog? Good…now take those bragging pics & let’s move onto problem #2 – turning that pork loin into a meal for your family & friends.


There are so many crazy delicious pork recipes. Pork Loin is great with just a little simple seasoning, with BBQ seasoning & sauce, or anything really. It’s great on its own with veggies, on a sandwich, on a baked potato, & inside street tacos. Endless amazing recipes are out there.

Today, I’m going to give you one of my favorite slow cooker recipes for pork loin. It’s amazing with the added bonus of it cooking all day while you’re out on another hunt, at work, at church, or doing anything!

Now I’m solving all your problems – how to get started hog hunting, what to cook, and how to do it while doing something else!

Yes, you get to come home to a delicious home cooked meal, and use the leftovers for a new recipe the next day (if you have leftovers!). Seriously, this recipe seems too good to be true, but it’s amazing. Anyone that gets their hands on this recipe tells me how much they love it & have started making it almost weekly.

It really is that good!

Now that we’ve done our part for wild hog population control, had some fun, and made the BEST Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork for dinner… I can take a nap. And maybe plan my next adventure. I can kinda see some predator hunting in my future. 😉

Do any of you go hunting or on other adventures with your spouse, significant other,  or family? If you’re a girl who hunts, who got you started? Comment & share with us!



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4 thoughts on “Hunting & Cooking Wild Hog

    1. Thanks, Camille!
      I hope you enjoy it! Summer BBQ season is the perfect time to try it out! And, you’re sure right. Sparky had a Turkey hunt turn into a hog hunt just last Friday.

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