Deer Season Prep Part 3: Trail Cameras

Deer Season Prep Part 3: Trail Cameras

If a tree falls in the woods & no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If your feeder is empty but you weren’t there, do you know who is eating your corn?

I think Trail Cameras are a necessary item to add to your Deer Season Prep, whether or not you happen to use feeders – but especially if you do!

Why bother with feeders, ground feed, or food plots if you don’t know what’s stopping by for dinner? Besides, you’ll be even more amped up to hunt if you spot a prize buck on camera.

Today, we’re talking all about Trail Cameras – brands & models, setting them up, and how to use them effectively. Deer Season Prep Part 3: Trail Cameras


Best Cam For Your Buck

Buck. Ha! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

But seriously, there are multiple options for trail cameras, & we really prefer the Moultrie brand. (Hey, Moultrie! We’d LOVE to test out your products & share with our readers!)

Moultrie A7 is the trail camera we use most at Sparky’s house & hunting leases. The A7 has been replaced by the A30, but we will continue with the A7 as long as those we have are still up & working. We’ll make the switch to the A30 series as we need to replace out the old cameras. Trail Cameras

[Amazon Links in this post are Affiliate Links; your purchase will help us buy batteries for our cameras!]

Love the Moultrie for these specs…

  • Infrared flash technology
  • Trigger Speed is less than 1.6 seconds
  • 40 feet range of detection
  • 60 feet range nighttime flash
  • 16K images for only 8 AA batteries
  • 7 Megapixels Resolution
  • 640 x 490 video


Setting Yourself Up for Success

Just like when we set up our feeders & put up our stands, we need to pay attention to location. Trail Cameras that are within about 30-40 feet of your feeder are good. Look for a tree to mount your camera if possible, but you can always stake it where you want it.

Slightly hidden cameras are great for preventing them from getting snatched up by someone who ventures onto your property/lease.  If this has been a problem for you, consider hanging the cameras higher & in a less obvious location that’s still near the action.


CLICK HERE & read about picking locations in DEER SEASON PREP PART 1: FEEDING


Extra memory cards & spare batteries are a must to keep handy when checking on your cameras. We generally swap memory cards every time we restock the feeder – about every 2-4 weeks depending on location.

Check those cams in the middle of the day in order to avoid spooking the deer when they’re more active. Aim to be quiet & scent free as well.

Do a good job with your Deer Season Prep, and you’ll be taking pics like this…. Deer Season Prep Part 3: Trail Cameras Sparky & his 2016 buck

I’m gonna tag a deer & get my own pic like this! How ’bout y’all?


Say, “Cheese!”

When you get back home and check those memory cards, pay attention to what you see & when it’s there.

It’s fun spotting a big buck, but you should pay attention to the time of day & the frequency he’s being picked up. Does he come through every day, every three days? Remember, we like to work smarter not harder.

Y’all are gonna LOVE all of these, but especially the Moultrie Doe Selfie! Moultrie Doe Selfie Trail Camera Pics Trail Camera pics Deer Season Prep Part 3: Trail Cameras Deer Season Prep Part 3: Trail Cameras Deer Pics



Bonus Fun: Picnic In The Pines

You can really make a fun afternoon out of setting up Trail Cameras – spend some time in the woods, get excited about what you might catch on camera, and enjoy a picnic with your honey (or kids, friends).

Pack a picnic full of yummy items that will keep well in your cooler, like my quick & easy Marinated Cherry Tomato Salad, sandwiches or cold fried chicken, and fresh berries with a can of sweet whipped cream. Yum!


Babe In The Pines Picnic In The Pines Recipe

I LOVE my cute insulated & collapsible picnic basket & our RTIC soft-sided cooler for picnics.

Y’all, it may seem simple or silly, but life is short & we need to make the most of every minute with our loved ones. Take five extra minutes & do something special for your guy or gal today!

[Amazon Links in this post are Affiliate Links; your purchase will help us buy batteries for our cameras!]




Time to pack a picnic basket for a fun day with Sparky! Get outside & share some love, y’all!



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