Deer Season Prep Part 2: Stands

Deer Season Prep Part 2: Stands

I recently had a friend say that I sure know how to pack fun into a short amount of time. That statement is so true! In the days before VHS, Disney would play some of their classics on TV – my favorites were Swiss Family Robinson, Pollyanna, & Mary Poppins. Every year I would get so excited when they came on, and plop myself on the floor in front of our TV.

I so wanted to go on an adventure like the kids in Swiss Family Robinson, and sleep in a tree! How fun would that be?  I wished I was as positive as Pollyanna, always seeing the good in everyone & everything. And I loved how Mary Poppins made everything fun!

To this day, I believe what Mary Poppins says, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” And I hope my series on Deer Season Prep inspires you to do just that – have fun getting ready for this next season! We’re going to have FUN with Stands today!


Stand By Me

You can find a Stand that will match whatever is most important to you – price point, ease of use, set-up, ability to hang on the fly, and safety or comfort needs.

We’re going to look at several today, hitting the highlights of why they are a favorite for some hunters.

We’ll be talking about Lean To Ladder Stands (1 or 2 man), Lock On Stands (with screw-in steps, climbing section steps, or climbing stick steps), Box Stands, Pop-Up Ground Blinds, & Climbing Stands.

Lean To Ladder Stands

Of the tree stands, these are definitely easier to set up, somewhat safer, and have the option of having a 2 man seat so you can hunt with a buddy.

A Lean To is the type of stand I like best because Sparky & I can sit right next to each other. When I killed my first wild hog (Babe’s Wild Hog Adventure on Groundhog Day), my honey was sitting to my left – and I got to share the experience with him. PRICELESS! Lean To Stand


Lock On Stands

Normally the preferred method because there is no preset height – it can go as low or high as you want. But they’re more dangerous & harder to set up initially.

Safety measures must be considered when budgeting for this stand – a tree safety harness is essential with a Lock On Stand. Hunter Safety System has a great line of tree harness products available.

Lock On Stands require a little more work to set up due to the fact that you will be ‘installing’ your steps up the tree; screw-in steps, climbing section steps, or climbing stick steps, depending on what you decide to include in your set-up.

This is a 1 man tree stand, so no snuggling going on here! Lock On Stand pic Lock On Stand pic Lock On Stand pic


Box Stands

Usually set to overlook open areas, like pasture hunting, etc. Safe, easy, convenient; keeping the rain & wind off of you, and allowing you to move around easily without worry. You can buy or DIY your Box Stand. in a Box Stand


Pop-Up Ground Blinds

Some terrain where people hunt doesn’t allow for tree stands, which makes the Pop-Up Ground Blind a valuable option. When the pines aren’t big enough, or your land is a cut-over area, consider using this guy.

Also good if you have physical limitations. Pop-Up Ground Blind



Climbing Stands

Simply put, you’re going to scale the tree. Good option for public land because you can’t have a permanent stand set up in the woods. This baby goes with you; carry it into the woods & carry it right back out.

Not gonna lie, I don’t plan on ever using this kind of stand. I need to preserve my energy for other things.

Stand AND Deliver

The whole point in going through all this work is so you can harvest deer, right? In the Deer Season Prep Part 1: Feeding blog post, we talked about finding the best spot for feeders.

Just as with feeders, you need to look around & find the prime location for your stand.

Keep in mind where the sun will be when it rises & sets in relation to the stand (you don’t want the sun in your eyes), the natural travel path of the animals, & your access to the stand. Pick a location where you have good clear shooting lanes, and be sure to consider how wind direction will affect your hunt.

A little careful planning will deliver much better results.

BabeInThePines Box Stand

Sparky’s Faves


Spoonful of Sherbet

Whether or not you share my love for Mary Poppins, you’re gonna LOVE my recipe for the perfect spoonful of sherbet on a hot Summer day – Babe’s Key Lime Sherbet & Punch recipe.

Sherbet is a bonus element of fun & will be well deserved after a day of setting up your Stand!

This sherbet is so refreshing in a cup or cone, and its also lovely when making sherbet punch. Yum!

Want to make Key Lime Sherbet just like Babe? CLICK HERE to see the Ice-Cream Maker Babe LOVES!

CLICK HERE to see Babe’s favorite Freezer container for storing leftover homemade ice-cream.

I hope that I’ve inspired you to start packing fun into whatever time you have, look for the “element of fun” in your work for next hunting season, and that you’ll try Babe’s Key Lime Sherbet & Punch recipe.

It’s quite the spoonful of sherbet, y’all!


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