Breasting & Cooking Duck

Breasting & Cooking Duck

If you go on a duck hunting adventure and are lucky enough to take one or more home with you, you might want to try your hand at cleaning & cooking them. Cleaning them isn’t as scary as it might seem. I’m even going to share an easy how-to video of Sparky breasting the duck we shot on our adventure you can read about in the Inaugural Duck Hunt post. My Sparky is big & strong, so he makes it look SO easy, but he’s a great teacher, too!


Sparky’s method for removing the duck breast is really quick & easy, and it also allows the wings to stay attached if needed for traveling across state lines.

Sparky after he removed the duck breast/wings.


If you want a super easy way to cook duck breast – throw the duck breast in a cold pan with just a little salt & pepper. Turn the heat up to medium-high & cook until just turning brown; about 6-8 minutes. You definitely don’t want to over cook the duck. We had our pan seared duck breast with oven roasted cabbage steaks & ‘Smashed’ Potatoes. I love these potatoes! They dress up any meal & taste divine!

*optional preparation – place duck breast in bowl or plastic bag and cover with milk. Soak for several hours or overnight. This makes the duck less “gamey” in taste.

Easy & Divine Side


Pan seared duck breast from our hunt!

What is your favorite way to eat duck?




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